2010 - Sophia Antipolis - Nice, France

15th Annual Global Forum on
Business Driven Action Learning and Executive Development,
Sophia Antipolis - Nice, France







SUNDAY, 20 JUNE, 2010
17:00Grand Mercure Hotel, Sophia Antipolis, France


Dinner / Jazz

MONDAY, 21 JUNE, 2010

Please Note: the asterisk ( *) indicates that a presenter is confirmed; there will also be additions to the program so please consult the Global Forum web site periodically.

Global Forum Partners’ Program begins

08:00 - 08:30

Welcome, Introductions and Overview

*Yury Boshyk, Global Executive Learning Network, Canada

08:30 - 10:30

Session 1 (Plenary)
The Big Picture and Sustainable Futures: Winning Technologies, Industries, Companies and Countries


Chairperson: *Yury Boshyk, Canada

*Donald R. Sadoway, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

*Martin Reinholdsson, Head of Wind Power Generation, Vattenfall, Sweden

*Monica Abrol, World Business Council on Sustainable Development, Switzerland, Vision 2025 and People Matter: Talent, Skills and Sustainable Development

*Anne Barraquier, Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility and International Business, Skema Business School, France Why are Socially Responsible Firms More Competitive?


10:30 - 11:00Break
11:00 - 13:00Session 2
Regional Developments, Trends and Perspectives and Their Implications for Executive Development and Action Learning: Part 1

An Overview of Developments and Trends in Asia

Chairperson: *Ake Reinholdsson, Sweden

China: *Pinn Wong, Head of Learning and Talent Development, Peninsula Hotels (Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels), China and *Ira Cohen, Vice President, Universal Ideas, China; *Nandani Lynton, Professor, China Europe International Business School, China

India: *Mohan Menon, Managing Director, Sentient, formerly Director, Dell Computers, India

Singapore: *Candice Lim, Assistant Director of Manpower, and *Evelyn Ng, Manager, Industry Manpower Development, Singapore Tourism Board: Singapore as a Talent Capital

13:00 - 14:00Lunch
14:00 - 16:00Session 3
Regional Developments, Trends and Perspectives and Their Implications for Executive Development and Action Learning: Part 2
An Overview of Developments and Trends in North and Latin America

Chairperson: *Patricia Levy, Canada

USA: *Steve Woodward, Human Resources head, CoorsMiller/SABMiller, USA; *Scott Saslow, Executive Director, Institute of Executive Development, USA

Latin America: *Andrea Fuchslocher, Ultramar, Chile, *Pierre Guillon, Senior Partner, Companion Consulting, Chile/France and *Fernando Lanzer Pereira de Souza, LCO Partners, The Netherlands/Brazil

Mexico: *Barbara Gutmann, Managing Director, Volkswagen Instituto, Mexico

16:30 - 18:30Session 4
Regional Developments, Trends and Perspectives and Their Implications for Executive Development and Action Learning: Part 3
An Overview of Developments and Trends in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Chairperson: *Chantal Fleuret, France

On the Middle East: *Brian Isaacson, Align Leadership, South Africa

Europe: *Pia Anderberg, CEO, Jact AB, Sweden and *Mebs Loghdey, Executive Education, Director of Customised Programs, Judge Business School, Cambridge University, U.K.

Africa: *Nick Binedell, Professor and Dean, Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa, and *Christine Williams, Standard Bank Group, South Africa

Riviera Region: *Laurence Garrido, HR Director, Virbac; *Pierre Dehe, Executive Development Manager, Amadeus; *Jean-Charles Amoroz,  Leader, HR Project, French Riviera Chamber of Commerce and Industry, e,  *Remy-Antoine Conti, Director, Enterprise Services, Chamber of Commerce and Industry,  France

18:30 - 19:30Session 5 (Plenary)
Music and Learning---The Nuances of Individual and Group Performance
 Jazz and Executive Learning: an interactive session presented by Patricia Rafidison, Global Life Sciences Risk Manager, Dow Corning, Sophia-Antipolis, France and founding member of JazzUp, a local (Opio-based) association of jazz musicians and jazz lovers, and a select group of the region’s finest jazz musicians

Dinner (in the hotel)


Award Ceremony for Outstanding Contributions to Action Learning and Executive Development

Presentation on the World's Children's Prize: *Björn Larsson, Foresight Group, and Board Member and International Ambassador of the World’s Children’s Prize, Sweden

TUESDAY, 22 JUNE, 2010
 Photos from Previous Day
08:00 - 09:00

Session 6 (Plenary)
Critical Leadership Competencies for the “New Normal” Business Climate

*Jonas Akerman, President and CEO, BTS, USA, *Katrin Fagerberg, BTS Sweden, and*Philious Andreou, BTS Spain. 
What are the competencies required to ensure future business success? Based on recent research this session will use an interactive format to both address this question, and to explore potential development strategies required to close identified gaps.

09:00 - 10:30

Session 7
Updates on Company and Organizational Initiatives

Presenters from the previous Global Forums update us on developments since the last time they discussed their initiatives in an informal “Galleria walk” format.

Chaiperson: *Stephen Mercer, USA

*BMW: *Klaus Bodel, BMW Group, Learning Academy & EMC, Germany

*Danone: *Elena Pavlova, Group Learning Programs Director, Danone, France.  Collaborative Learning in a DesignLab format.

*SABMiller: *Constantin Buko, Group Executive, Learning and Organizational Development, U.K.

*VW: Barbara Gutmann, Managing Director, Volkswagen Instituto, Mexico

10:30 - 11:00Break
11:00 - 13:00

Session 8
New Company and Organizational Initiatives (Part 1)


Chaiirperson: *Pia Anderberg, Sweden

*BAT: Ana Conception, HR Director, Caribbean and Central America Region,  *Charles Brassard and *Pamela Pritchard, Impact Coaching, Canada

*COWI: *Rasmus Moller, Executive Assistant, R & D Manager, Denmark

*CBS Corporation: *Per Wingerup, Vice President, Learning and Development and International Human Resources, USA

*MillerCoors: *Steve Woodward, Human Resources head, USA

*Ermenegildo Zegna: *Roger Hufgard, Zegna Corporate University and *Inger Buus, Mannaz, U.K. Action Learning and Leadership: Senior Leadership Learners deliver luxury business consultancy at Ermenegildo Zegna

*Global Learning Alliance (Lilly, L’Oreal, Nissan, Nokia, Schneider Electric, Wipro,): *Tony Russell, Director, Senior Executive Development L’Oreal, France

13:00 - 13:30Lunch (Buffet)

13:30 - 15:15

Session 9
New Company and Organizational Initiatives (Part 2)


Chairperson: *Pierre Guillon, Chile/France

*Gordon Institute of Business Science: *Shaun Rozyn, Director, Company Specific Programs, South Africa   Action Learning for Africa: Leveraging Growth Opportunities

*Harvard University and the National Science Foundation: *Rebecca Rosenberg, Project Manager, USA Picturing to Learn: Teaching Science Through Imagery and Drawings

*Young and Conoway: *Jim Patton, Managing Partner and *Larry Richard, Head, Leadership and Organizational Development Practice, Hilderbrand/Baker Robins, USA Delivering Action Learning to Professional Service Organizations: A Law Firm Experience

*SSP International: *Chris Rayner, Director for HR, and *Irene Bruggeman, Germany

*Zurich Financial Services: TBD, Zurich Financial Services, *Giuseppe Auricchio, IESE, Spain, and *Kip Meyer, IESE, USA

*Peninsula Hotels (Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels), China: *Pinn Wong, Head of Learning and Talent Development, China

*Ultramar: *Andrea Fuchslocher, Ultramar, Chile. Transforming a Local Company into a Regional Latin American Company

15:15 - 15:30Briefing on Company Visits -*Chantal Fleuret, The Global Executive Learning Network, France (in Plenary)
15:30 - 17:30

Session 10


Participants meet with representatives from the following companies: Skema Business School; France Telecom Orange, *Laurent Londeix, Regional Director and *Franck Lavagna, Deputy Regional Director; World Class Cluster, *Georges Falessi, Director; Opiocolor, *Didier Cassini, CEO and *Marc Ulrichs, General Director; Sophia Antipolis Development Corporation, *Jacques Masboungi, Deputy Director; SAP France, *Hanno Klausmeier, Managing Director; La Verrerie de Biot, *Anne Lachaczynski. The Sophia Antipolis Technology Park and area has been in existence for over 40 years and comprises about 2,000 company and research centres.
Organized by *Chantal Fleuret, The Global Executive Learning Network, France
17:00 return to Hotel


Departure to dinner in Cannes
Sharing and Debrief of Discovery Action Learning (Outside-In) Experiences and

Dinner at the L'Ecrin restaurant on the beach in Cannes
 Photos from Previous Day
08:00 - 08:30After Learning Review
Action Learning Teams (Sets)
08:30 - 10:30

Session 11
New Company and Organizational Initiatives (Part 3)


Chairperson: *Harold Weinstein, USA

*Rolls Royce: *Nicola Price (Holmes), Global Director, Learning & Development, U.K.

*SASOL: *Vlam van Rooyen, Global Talent Management, SASOL, South Africa.

*SECO Tools: *Per Norell, Strategic Human Resources, SECO and *Gunnar George, Novare ACT, Sweden

*Schneider Electric: *Celeste Messina, Vice President Senior Executive Programs, France

*Singapore Institute of Management University: *Teng Su Ching, School of Human Development and Social Services, and *Alex Chow, Singapore and *Teppei Ikeda, Japan, Asia-Leap,  Action Learning in a Multicultural Learning Context: Case Studies from Singapore and Asia

*SK Holdings: *Linda Myers, VP Global Talent Management, S. Korea

*U.S. Partnership for Peace Training and Education Center: *Jeff Munks, Naval Postgraduate School, USA
10:30 - 11:00Break
11:00 - 13:00Session 12
Community, Society, Philanthropy and Action Learning

Chairperson: *Maarten Nijhoff Asser, USA

Action Learning and Civic Society
*Verna J. Willis, Associate Professor Emerita, Georgia State University, USA

The International Foundation for Action Learning (IFAL): *Jan Hall, IFAL, U.K.

The MiL Institute (Management in Lund): Reflections on the Past and on the Future: *Lennart Rohlin, MiL Institute, founder and past president. Sweden

Community-Based Action Learning in Japan--The Efficacy of the ALL-WIN Business Model:
*Mitchy Mekata, President, YZ Company and journalist for the business press, and Satoshi Yamanaka, JGC Corporation, Japan

Private Companies and Social NGO's: Fertilising Across Borders in Denmark *Geert Egger, Senior Partner, Action Lab, Denmark

Are We Ready for Generational Change?
*Pia Anderberg, CEO, Jact AB, Sweden

Social Networking Communities: Hype or Reality and Potential for Action Learning?
*Drew Boyd, *Visiting Professor of Marketing and Innovation, and formerly, Director, Marketing Mastery, Johnson & Johnson, USA

*Björn Larsson, Foresight Group, and Board Member and International Ambassador of the World’s Children’s Prize, Sweden

How a Community Mobilized for Action and Assistance--Reflections on the Lessons Learned from the Recent Chilean Earthquake: *Pierre Guillon, Senior Partner, Companion Consulting, Chile/France

13:00 - 14:00Lunch
14:00 - 16:00Session 13
Change Management, Change Agents and Leadership: How to Do It and What Was Learned?

Chairperson: *Scott Saslow, USA


Upcoming Leaders in China: *Nandani Lynton, Professor, China Europe International Business School, China

Driving Cultural Change: *Alasdair Philip, DP/ DHL, USA

The Difficulties of Driving Change Projects in Large, Multi-Business Organizations: *David Manson, formerly Schneider Electric, France

Leadership Across Boundaries (LAB): The Coaching Approach: *Klaus Bodel, BMW Group, Germany and *Karine Rémolu, TOP Consulting, France/Germany

Leadership in Emerging Markets: Some Thoughts for a New Leadership Model: *Christine Williams, Standard Bank Group, South Africa

16:00 - 16:30Break
16:30 - 17: 30

Session 14 (Plenary)
"What Will It Take to Be a Leader in Future?"

On the evolution of leadership development and the new leadership demands of tomorrow.
 *Stephen Rhinesmith, Senior Advisor with Oliver Wyman Leadership Development, Director of the Naisbitt China Institute, and Adjunct Professor at the Asian Business School of Tianjin University of Economics and Finance, USA

Presentation of the 16th Annual Global Forum (20-23 June) 2011 venue (Plenary)

19:30Dinner (BBQ) at the Grand Mercure
 Photos from Previous Day
08:00 - 08:30

After Learning Review
Action Learning Teams (Sets)

09:00 - 11:00

Session 15
Learning  & Development: New Initiatives Including Post-Program Activity Follow Up, Virtual Learning, Succession Planning and Cultural Learning in Mergers and Acquisitions


Chairperson: *Chantal Fleuret, France

Observing Talent and Providing Development Feedback Following an Action Learning Process: *Mikkel Albertsen, P & O Partner, Novozymes and *Geert Egger, Director, People, Denmark

Combining Talent Management and Development with Succession: The Boeing “Waypoint” Way: *Stephen Mercer, formerly with General Electric and Boeing, SRM Consulting, USA

Posco's Action Learning and Leadership Development--How Business and HRD Work Together: *Hyun Ji Cho, Future Creation Academy, Global Leadership Center, Posco, S. Korea

Elements of Successful Virtual Action Learning: *Bernhard Hauser, Bernhard Hauser Consulting, Germany

How to Reconcile Cultural Differences in Mergers, Acquisitions, and Strategic Partnerships:*Maarten Nijhoff Asser, THT Consulting, USA

11:00 - 12:00Session 16
Plenary Session: Reflection, Summing Up, Next Steps and Official Closure

The Global Forum "Retrospective" process

Chairperson: *Yury Boshyk, Canada

12:00 -13:00Optional Lunch
13:00-16:00Optional Workshops
Session 17

Workshop 1:

*Action Learning: An Overview of the History, Theory, Evolution and Practice

*Yury Boshyk, *Karl-Georg Degenhardt, *Chantal Fleuret, *Chandna Sethi, *Harold Weinstein, and *Stephen Mercer, formerly with General Electric and Boeing, and The Global Executive Learning Network, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, USA

What is Action Learning? How has it evolved over the years? How is it practiced throughout the world and in the business world especially? What are the key components and success factors?


Workshop 2:

Integral Coaching: A Foundation for Deep Change

*Charles Brassard and *Pamela Pritchard, Impact Coaching, Canada

Integral coaching starts from the premise that each one of us encounters reality in our own unique way. How the world shows up for us as we face the challenges of the day determines the possibilities we see for action. For us, coaching is a process that leads to the exploration and embodiment (through practice) of new ways of being for the client so that they can respond to life in more competent, creative and meaningful ways. We call it integral coaching because we work with clients in all aspects of their complex lives, not ignoring or leaving anything out, while also building capacity with respect to  their specific  coaching requirements. Come and learn with us about how this powerful way of coaching makes a difference in peoples’ lives and in the organizations they live in. We will explore the role of coaching in bringing about deep changes in the way we work and in achieving remarkable business results that are sustainable. There will be room for practice, dialogue and good fun!


Workshop 3:

*Human Resource Value Management in Business 
Conducting a Return On Investment Analysis on Human Resources, Training and Development

*Wolfgang Braun, CEO, META M& A, Germany

Today in most businesses only projects which are able to demonstrate business value are funded. HR is a business function which contributes value rather indirectly as a service to business operations, therefore HR value is normally not quantified in financial terms, is mainly based on “intangibles” which are hard to measure, and always debated! Based on original research, a selection of methodologies is presented to support a new hypothesis--that HR generates value to business and motivates employees. As HR functions are being increasingly automated or outsourced, it is time for HR to validate its strategic role in the business environment. The HR value proposition offers an actionable blueprint for HR.

 Workshop 4:

*Executive Coaching – My Personal Energy Balance: What is My Life’s Work?

*Klaus Bodel, BMW Group, Learning Academy & EMC (Excellence Management Consulting), Germany and *Karine Rémolu, TOP Consulting, France/Germany

In individual coaching sessions for executives often aspects of intense clarity arise. The striving to gain great experiences in the workplace is often challenged by the amount of energy and individual passion for excellence as an investment and in contrast to a balanced personal life. Some key questions are: What is my life’s work? What really matters at work and in my life? What do I stand for, believe in, struggle with, and what have I accomplished? What is my life’s work, and how do I want to be remembered?


Workshop 5:

*Persuasion: Principles and Techniques

*Drew Boyd, Visiting Professor of Marketing and Innovation, and formerly, Director, Marketing Mastery, Johnson & Johnson, USA

Success depends on getting others to say 'yes'. This workshop teaches six universal principles of persuasion that will dramatically increase the likelihood of others saying 'yes' to your requests. It is based on 6o years of research into the science of persuasion. Participants will learn a systematic and ethical approach to influence based on the work by Dr. Robert Cialdini, the leading authority in the field of persuasion. It teaches strategies on how to create and maintain trusted relationships, how to avoid bungling away critical "moments of power" and interactively shows how small, strategic changes can yield lasting results



Optional Dinner


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