2002 - Johannesburg, South Africa hosted by The Gordon Institiute of Business Science, University of Pretoria

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Seventh Annual Global Forum on
Business Driven Action Learning and Executive Development


Wednesday 22 May, 2002


What’s New in Executive Development and Action Learning? An Overview & Introduction


Michael Marquardt
former Vice President of Research, American Society for Training and Development, and Professor, George Washington University, Washington, DC, presenting the "State of the Industry Report" on behalf of the ASTD
 American Society for Training and Development-- State of the Industry Report
Victoria J. Marsick
Co-Director, J.M. Huber Institute for Learning in Organizations, Columbia University, New York, USA
 How Global Companies are Using Learning to Address Business Challenges
Yury Boshyk
Global Executive Learning, France
Stephen Mercer
Vice President, Learning and Leadership Development and Learn@Boeing, The Boeing Company, St. Louis, USA
 Trends in Corporate Executive Education
Nanette Blandin
Senior Staff, Center for Public Policy Education, The Brookings Institution, Washington, USA
 Trends in Public Policy Education
David Dotlich
Partner,CDR International, Portland, USA
 Developing Unnatural Leaders Through Action Learning



Update on Previous Organizational Initiatives & New Challenges


Dr. Rodney Baxter
Divisional Director, AngloPlatinum
Kobus Nel
Mac Consulting, South Africa

Martin Moehrle
Deutsche Bank University, Frankfurt, Germany

Wanda Wallac
Leadership Global Forum, Inc., North Carolina, USA.
 Deutsche Bank's Lessons Learned: Action Learning Executive Programs-What Happens with Follow Up and Implementation?
Jan Wilmott
Director, Executive Learning Programs, Leadership Center, The Boeing Company, St. Louis, USA
 ICP--International Consortium Program (ABB, ABN Amro, BHP Billiton, Boeing)
Lillemor Holm
Internal Volvo Car Consultant, Gothenborg, Sweden and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
 Challenging Tradition with New Approaches to Leadership Development: The Volvo Cars Global Leadership Program
Paddy Miller
Professor, IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain
 The Client from Hell: When Being an Effective Client is as Important as Being an Effective Consultant



New Company & Organizational Initiatives


Bernadette Langius
Executive Vice President, Head of Intellectual Capital Development, Consumer & Commercial Clients SBU, ABN Amro Bank, Feldafing, The Netherlands

 ABN Amro Bank - More than the Sum of its Parts? Opportunities, Barriers, Challenges for Knowledge Sharing in a Global Retail Organization
Christian Dellekoenig
Planning and Development Europe, Baxter Healthcare, Munich, Germany, and Chicago, USA
 Baxter Healthcare: Lessons Learned from Our First Business Driven Action Learning Executive Program
Gertjan Schuiling
Internal Consultant Organization Development, DSM, The Netherlands
 DSM - Learning with an Unwilling Client
Francis Mok
Manager, Management Training and Development, MTR, Hong Kong, China

Larry Wynant
Executive Director, Richard Ivey School of Business (Asia), Cheng Yu Tung Management Institute, Hong Kong
 Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR)
Action Learning and the Asia Consortia Executive Program
Jody Lentz
Director of Global Markets, Lego Serious Play, Denmark
 LEGO Serious Play and Real Time Strategy
Kathy Allan
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Cara Operations Ltd, Canada

Robert Levy
Managing Director, BrandSpark International, and formerly Cara Operations, Toronto, Canada
 Why Action Learning "Pilots" May Be Disappointing: The Example of Cara Operations, Canada
Erik Iversen
Director of Organizational Development, Novo Nordisk, Denmark and Greece
 Novo Nordisk--Growth Driven Action Learning
Eva Kmiecic
Deputy Commissioner, the RCMP, Ottawa Canada
 The Renewed Royal Canadian Mounted Police: Leadership Development, Strategic, and Crisis Action Learning
Isabel Rimanoczy

Ernie Turner
President, Leadership in International Management, LIM, USA
Hans Durieux, Managing Director of Vegetable Seeds, Syngenta, Europe (videotape)
 Syngenta Vegetable Seeds Europe: Success Factors for Lasting Change - The Action Reflection Learning Experience
Stefan Bergstrand
Mark Kommun government, Sweden
Jo Cumming, Ian Hall, Glentruim Change Agents, Scotland
 Why won't they learn? How open Space and Action Learning can create breakthrough change
Miklos Vasarhelyi
Professor, Rutgers University, and AT&T Labs, USA
 Technology Supported Action Learning
Christian Dellekoenig
Planning and Development Europe, Baxter Healthcare, Munich, Germany, and Chicago, USA

Cobie Langerak
Senior Vice President, Corporate HRM / Leadership & Organisation Development, Philips International B.V., The Netherlands
Alan Mumford (videotape)

Darryl Strickler
Senior Executive Learning Systems, London, U.K.
 Developing the Skills and Understanding of Senior Executives who Sponsor and Mentor Action Learning Programs and Activities-What's Required?



Thursday 23 May, 2002



Action Learning & Executive Development in South Africa & Emerging Markets


Nick Binedell
Professor and Director, Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa
 The Challenges and Opportunities for Africa
Michael Marquardt
Professor of Human Resource Development, George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA

Eric Charoux
Director of the DCMD Business School, Mauritius
 Action Learning and Financial Services in South and East Africa: The Case of De Chazal Du Mee (DCMD)
Graham Emmett
Vice-President, Human Resources, Anglovaal Mining, South Africa

Andrew J. Johnson
General Manager, Leadership & Transformation, Anglovaal Mining, South Africa
 Building Future Executive Capacity in Anglovaal Mining
Peter Prozesky
Power Station Manager, Eskom, Koeberg Power Station

Brian Isaacson
Director, Aligned Leadership, South Africa
 Action Learning - The Koeberg Journey

Tjeerd Rodenhuis
General Manager Group Human Resources, SASOL

Mike Stonier
Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa

 SASOL-Sustainable Growth and Accelerated Leadership Development through Business Driven Action Learning
Geoff McDonald
Unilever Vice President HR North Africa, Middle East and Turkey Business Group, U.K.

Bev Davids
President, The Greenwich Group, Toronto, Canada
 Change Management at Unilever: The Transition from Learning to Application to Strategic Business Issues in Africa
Paula Doublin
Executive for Centre for Learning, Telkom SA, South Africa

Deon Greyling
Managing Director, BTS, South Africa
 How Can Business Acumen Be Increased Within a Large Target Group? The South African Telecom Experience
Grazyna Lesniak-Lebkowska
Director and Professor, Executive MBA Program, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, Poland
 Poland's Transformation and the Business Community's Journey



Developing Executive Leadership Capabilities & Cadres


Brigitte Jonkers
Vice President, Group Function Human Resources, ABB Academy Manager, Zurich, Switzerland
 ABB: The New Customer-Centred Enterprise and The Management of Radical Change
France Pégeot
Director General, Career Development Programs, CCMD, Ottawa, Canada
 The Canadian Centre for Management Development, Government of Canada: Developing Leaders for the Public Service
Pete Cuozzo
formerly General Electric, Vice President and Global Head, Organizational Solutions, Syngenta, Basel, Switzerland
 General Electric - New Employee Orientation: An Action Research Approach
Ron Bossert
Executive Learning & Development, Johnson & Johnson, New Brunswick, USA

Paul Culleton
Johnson & Johnson, U.K.
 Johnson & Johnson - Development Needs of Young Managers: Retaining and Preparing the Best Talent: The Transitions Program

Catherine Guelbert
Associate Director, The National Health Service Leadership Centre

Tony Shaw
Head of Career Management, National Health Service, London, U.K.

 National Health Service, U.K.--Leading Leaders Through Transition
Frank Waltmann
Head of Global Learning, Novartis International AG, Switzerland

David Dotlich
CDR International, Portland, USA.
 Novartis: Developing Leaders for Boundaryless Organizations
John Thompson
Head Leadership and Development, Standard Bank, South Africa

Sipho Ngidi
Director, Group Human Resources, Standard Bank, South Africa
Mike Lewis, Director HR Development, Standard Bank, South Africa
 WINGS - Leadership Development in Standard Bank South Africa
Christopher Bell
Executive Manager, The Leadership Consortium Inc., Mebourne, Australia

Dr. Peter Hart
Director, Insight SRC, Melbourne, Australia
 Young People and Leadership In Australia: What Does Our Research Tell Us They Want and Need?



Friday 24 May, 2002


Action Learning with Customers, Suppliers & Stakeholders


Chantal Fleuret
France, Global Executive Learning Network

Patricia Levy
Canada and USA, Global Executive Learning Network

Ake Reinholdsson
Sweden, Global Executive Learning Network
 Getting the Most from Outside/In Customer and Stakeholder Discussions and Interviews
Eelco Boonstra
President and owner, Lift Service Nederland, Nedeerhost den Berg, The Netherlands

Otmar Donnenberg
Action Learning Consultants, Herenlaan, The Netherlands
 Learning with the Customer
Mark Rutte
HR Director, Iglo Mora, the Dutch IceCream, Snacks and Frozen Foods Business, The Netherlands

Tom Malnight
Professor of Strategy and International Management, IMD (International Institute for Management Development), Lausanne, Switzerland
 Unilever's Path to Growth--Building Intellectual and Emotional Ownership with Customers through Action Learning
Brenda Fischer-Campbell
Co-Director, The Immersion Lab, The Netherlands

John Thompson
Head Leadership and Development, Standard Bank, South Africa
 Action Learning at Silicon Valleys Around the Globe: Lessons Learned Under Changing Economic, Technological and Entrepreneurial Climates



How Effective are Open Enrollment and "Custom" Business School Executive Programs?


Jaki Sitterle
Executive Director, Custom and New Business Development, Columbia University, Executive Education, Columbia Business School

Lyle Yorks
Columbia University, Teacher’s College, New York, USA

Gert R. Ackerman
Mining Executive, Impala Platinum, South Africa, alumnus of the Columbia Senior Executive Program
 Assessing the Effectiveness of Open Enrollment and "Custom" Business School Executive Programs: Linking Learning Theory, Executive Education Program Design, and the Transfer of Learning


Guy Saunders
London Business School, London, UK

Rory Simpson
IESE, Barcelona, Spain

Tom Malnight
Professor of Strategy and International Management, IMD (International Institute for Management Development), Lausanne, Switzerland

 Mark Rutte
HR Director, Iglo Mora, the Dutch IceCream, Snacks and Frozen Foods Business, The Netherlands, Alumnus from IMD

Larry Wynant
Shirley Chan Memorial Professor of Finance and Associate Dean, Ivey Asia, Executive Director, Richard Ivey School of Business (Asia), University of Western Ontario, Hong Kong, China

Karl Hofmeyr
Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa




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