2001 - Melbourne, Australia hosted by BHP Billiton at the BHP Billiton Learning Centre

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Sixth Annual Global Forum on
Business Driven Action Learning and Executive Development


2001 Global Forum Attendees

Wednesday 23 May, 2001

What is Action Learning? -- Definition & Contexts

Catherine Guelbert
The Revans Institute for Action Learning and Research, Salford University, UK


The 'Classic' Approach

Joseph A. Raelin
Professor of Management
Boston College, Boston, USA


Work Based Learning: Theory and Practice

Lars Cederholm
CCT Inc. New York, USA, MiL Senior
Associate, Lund, Sweden


Action Reflection Learning TM Philosophy

Yury Boshyk
Founding Director
Global Executive Learning, Opio, France


Business Driven Action Learning, Att 1, Att 2

Richard T. Pascale
Associate Fellow
Templeton College, Oxford University, UK


"Action Management"



Action Learning in the Asia Pacific Region

Tom Brown
Vice President
Human Resources, BHP Ltd, Melbourne,


Australia's Largest Company and Its Learning Centre

Neil McAdam
Senior Lecturer in Management
University of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia


Breaking Frame through Leveraging Cultural Differences: The Texas in Australia

Christopher Bell 
Executive Manager
The Leadership Consortium, Melbourne,


Action Learning Programs in Australia: Lessons Learned from Telstra  and the Leadership Consortium

Richard Pearson
Managing Director
Leadership in International Management
(LIM), Hong Kong


Bridging Cultures - The Action Reflection Learning TM Experience in Asia

Lars Cederholm
CCT Inc. New York, USA, MiL Senior
Associate, Lund, Sweden


Tibetan Buddhism and the Action Reflection Learning TM Philosophy

Mika Honjo
Senior Fellow
The 21st Century Public Policy Institute,
Tokyo, Japan


Japan and Japanese Multinational

Taebok Lee
Paradigm Consulting Associates, Seoul,


Korea and Korean

Joo-young Son
Samsung Electronics Leadership Centre,
Seoul, Korea


Samsung Electronics
Leadership Centre - Korea

KamChoon Lee
Vice President
Human Resources, Seagate Technology
International, Singapore

TC Tan
Vice President
Human Resources, Philips Consumer
Electronics, Singapore

Allan T. L. Woon
Corporate Vice President
Human Resources, Caltex Corporation,


Singaporean and Asia
Pacific Experiences



Action Learning: Company Consortium / Alliance Executive Program

Gerhard Meier
EADS, Munich, Germany


Managing Intercultural
Challenges in EADS
(European Aeronautic,
Defence and Space

Cathrine Foss-Stene
Vice President
People Development, Scandinavian Airlines
(SAS), Stockholm, Sweden


Star Alliance: Action
Learning in an Airline
Industry Consortium

Lillemor Holm 
Volvo Car Corporation, Gothenborg, Sweden


Aligning Several Approaches
to Action Learning

Jan M. Wilmott
Director of Executive Education
Boeing Leadership Center, St. Louis, USA


Business Driven Action
Learning and Self-Directed
Company Consortiums




Thursday 24 May, 2001


Action Learning in "Knowledge Enterprises", Learning Communities and Organizational Learning

Martha A. Gephart and Victoria Marsick
Co Directors of JM Institute for Learning in Organizations,
Columbia University, New York, USA


Measuring Learning for
Innovation and Links to
Performance in Companies,
Collaboratives and
Knowledge Networks

Margaret Driscoll 
Director Strategies and Venture
IBM Mindspan Solutions, Cambridge, USA


Teaching, Learning &
Collaborating Pushing the
Innovation Curve

Nicolas Rolland
M&N e-Intelligence - University of Grenoble II, France


Knowledge Management
through Executive

Charles Brassard
Impact Coaching Inc, Ottawa, Canada


Leading and Coaching the
Learning Organization: Key
Success Factors, Practices and Tools

Mikael Edholm
Marketing and Strategic Business

L M Ericsson,
Palo Alto, USA and Stockholm, Sweden


Action Learning

Miklos A. Vasarhelyi
Rutgers University and AT&T Labs, New
Brunswick, USA


Cyber Action Learning

Mark Bula
Managing Director Manufacturing Practice
Root Learning, Ohio, USA


The Future of Learning in
Global Corporations

Don MacLean
Vice President Business Development
Root Learning, Ohio, USA

Jeffrey Gandz
Richard Ivey School of Business, The
University of Western Ontario, Canada and
Hong Kong, China


Distance Learning: Lessons

Robyn Williamson
Regional Learning Manager
Siemens, Australia


Action Learning, e-learning
& Enabling Technologies;
Sharing & Leveraging
Learning and Knowledge

Konrad Fassnacht
E Learning Manager
Siemens AG, Feldafing, Germany


Action Learning in a Virtual

Kobus Nel
MacGroup, Johannesburg, South Africa    


Anglo Platinum South Africa
- A Mastery Approach to
Executive Development

Judy Braun
Vice President
Baxter Institute, Deerfield, USA


Speed to Action

Stephen R. Mercer 
Vice President
Learning and Leadership Development,
Boeing Corporation, St Louis and Seattle, USA


Post-Executive Program



Friday 25 May, 2001


Recent Company Executive Development Initiatives

Anthony Baird
Global Practice Leader
Strategy Development, BHP


BHP's Strategic Laboratory and Top Executive

Juergen Kuehl
Head Global Management
Development and Education, Ciba Speciality
Chemicals, Basel, Switzerland


A Best Practice in Top Level
Executive Involvement

Dieter Quiskamp
Director Corporate Executive Development,
Deutsche Post World Net, Bonn, Germany


The Integration Process of
Deutsche Post World Net -
Creating Global Management

Margaret Tourloukis
Leadership Development Network,
Amherst, Massachusetts, USA


General Electric - Developing
Human Resource Managers
by Focusing on Business
Results through Action

Bonnie McIvor
Head of Learning
Unilever Plc, Kingston-on-Thames, United


Unilever: Progress Report -
One Year Later



Levering and "Depending" Action Learning Executive Development Programs: Lessons learned and some suggestions

Nanette Blandin
Vice President and Director
The Brookings Institution, Washington, USA


Reflections on Brookings
Executive Education Journey

Chantal Fleuret
Global Executive Learning Network -

Patricia E. Levy
Global Executive Learning Network -
Canada & USA,

Åke Reinholdsson
Global Executive Learning Network -


The 'Outside-in' Perspective
and the Interview Process

Michiru Yoshino
YZ Ltd, Tokyo, Japan


Cultural Factors to Consider -
The Example of Japan



Business School Perspectives

Michael Stanford
Director of Partnership Programs
IMD International, Lausanne, Switzerland


Evolution of Action Learning -
Benchmarks and Success
Factors in Leadership
Development Programs

Paola Dubini
Bocconi University, Milan, Italy


It's only Rok 'n Roll;' -
Increasing Efficiency and
Effectiveness of Action
Learning Programs




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