2014 - Davos, Switzerland

19th Annual Global Forum on
On Leadership, Organzational Development & Business Driven Action Learning,
A Community of Parxis
Davos, Switzerland

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DETAILED PROGRAM SCHEDULE (*indicates confirmed)



Day 1 - Tuesday, 10 June, 2014

12:30 - 13:30Lunch
13:30 - 14:30Session 1 - In Plenary

Welcome, Introductions and Program Overview

*Toni Morosani, Owner, Morosani Hotels, (Davos, Switzerland)

*Yury Boshyk, Chairman, Global Executive Learning (Ottawa, Canada)


14:30 - 15:00Break
15:00 - 17:00Session 2 - In Plenary and Galleria Walk format
New Trends and Practices:
Linking Global And Regional Organizational Strategies and Leadership & Development

Participants select 3 presentation topics (regions).


 *Dinah Hanson, Director AABS Agribusiness Consortium, Association of African Business Schools (Johannesburg, South Africa)
The Association of African Business Schools Agribusiness Consortium (AAC) is an initiative funded by the Agribusiness Consortium is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with the purpose of championing the cause of Agribusiness Management Education in Africa. It seeks to provide high quality business, management and leadership education to a range of stakeholders in the Agricultural Development Sector. This is done through: 1) the development and delivery of Agribusiness management training programs across Africa, starting with Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania and 2) Nurturing of a network of key actors in the private, public and development sectors to forge collaboration, partnerships, and alignment with the needs of industry. Agriculture and Agribusiness has been highlighted as a sector critical to unlocking Africa’s economic potential. The design and development of the training programs, the first being the Agribusiness Management Program (AgMP) is anchored in Action Learning.


*KA Chang
, formerly, Chief HR Officer, Singapore Stock Exchange (Singapore)

*Ira Cohen, Executive Vice President, Universal Ideas (Beijing, China)
Results of a Recent Survey on Action Learning in China


*Scott Bourke, Lead OD Business Partner, Innovation Capability at Transport for the Government of New South Wales (Brisbane, Australia)

*Michelle Macaulay, HR Lead, Leadership and People, Transport Accident Commission, Goverment of Victoria (Melbourne, Australia) and *Fiona Stewart, Managing Director, Leadership Talent Australia (Melbourne, Australia)


Europe and North America

 *George Consolver, Advisory Board member, Center for Global Business Studies, Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvannia State University, and Advisory Board member, EDA (Plano, Texas)

*Christine Abbott,Institute of Leadership and Management, and The Centre for Action Learning Facilitation (London, UK)

Becoming Critical: A discussion of UK research on how critical action learning goes beyond ordinary criticality, distinguishing between effective practice, reflective practice and critically reflective practice in professional and organizational development.

*Filippo Martino, formerly Fiat,  (Rome, Italy)

*Gerhard Meier, Daimler Corporate Academy (Stuttgart, Germany)

Lessons learned from Daimler's NAFTA Regional Program for Directors on "Managing Customer Expectations" across dvisions, functions and nationalities.


*Mohan Menon, Managing Director, Sentient (Bangalore, India)

*Firoz Meeran, Managing Director, Eastern Condiments (Bangalore, India)

 *Allen Sequeira, Advisor, Group Human Resources and Leadership Development, Mahindra & Mahindra (India)


Middle East:
*Abdullah Alhomeadan, Assistant to the Group CEO, Saudi Telecom (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)


South America:

*Fernando Lanzer, Managing Partner, and *Jussara N. Pereira de Souza, Senior Consultant, LCO Partners (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

*Karin Parodi, CEO, Career Center (Sao Paolo, Brazil)



*Tony van Kralingen, Member of the Executive Committee, Director: Supply Chain & Human Resources, SABMiller (London, UK) and

*Andreas Fritz, President Asia Pacific, Seco Tools, (Pune, India)

17:00 - 17:30Break

17:30 - 18:30

Session 3--In Plenary
The Future of Learning


*John O’Neil, San Francisco, USA (by videoconference)
Coach and advisor to business leaders throughout the world; co-chair of the Good Life seminars; Angel investor, Venture Capitalist, former AT & T executive, author of The Paradox of Success: When Winning at Work Means Losing at Life; Leadership Akido; Grace and other publications


Session 4--In Plenary
Recollections of Action Learning's Founder, Reg Revans, and His Legacy


*Charles Margerison, President, Amazing People Institute (Brisbane, Australia)

Recollections of Action Learning's founder, Reg Revans, and how he encouraged innovation, and the asking of  "fresh questions".


Opening Dinner -- In the hotel


The Global Forum/Robert L. Dilworth Awards Ceremony for Outstanding Achievement

Ballroom dancing exhibition from the winners of the recent Marseilles Open Juniors Competition, Mathieu Meier and partner Darja Gorbatchev



Day 2 - Wednesday, 11 June, 2014

08:00 - 09:15

Session 5 - In Plenary and Small Groups
The Global Forum Business Simulation: New Directions--Finding New Global Growth
Introduction and Preparation


Specially tailored innovative simulation by TRI Corporation and GEL on Growth. We shall also address the issue of whether or not modern simulations are a form of Action Learning. The founder of Action Learning, Reg Revans did not think so—but that was several decades ago. Is it time to reconsider?
*Philip de Vroe, Associate, *Gerry Mattia, Associate, *Stephen Mercer, Associate and *Carlo Peratoner, CEO, TRI Corporation (USA), and Global Executive Learning

09:15- 10:45

Session 6
New Directions: Finding New Global Growth Business Simulation--Year One

10:45 - 11:30

Simulation -- Preparation for Review of Year One

Simulation -- Review of Year One

11:30 - 12:30


12:30 - 14:00

Session 7

New Directions: Finding New Global Growth Business Simulation -- Year Two



14:00 - 15:30

Session 8
New Directions: Finding New Global Growth Business Simulation--

Preparation for Review of Year Two

Year Two Review

Final Debrief and Action Learning Discussion--In Plenary


Discussants: Executives-in-Residence
*Andreas Fritz, President Asia Pacific, Seco Tools, (Pune, India)
*Tony van Kralingen, Member of the Executive Committee, Director: Supply Chain & Human Resources, SABMiller (London, UK)

15:30 - 16:00Break
16:00 - 17:00

Session 9 - In Plenary
New Directions with Business Driven Action Learning (BDAL)


Learn, Collaborate, Innovate: Join the World's Classroom

*Amin Saberi, Co-Founder and CEO, NovoEd.com, and Professor, Stanford University (San Francisco, USA) (by videoconference)

Accelerated Learning Expeditions: Integrating Strategy and Learning--The Danone Experience
*Thierry Bonetto, Director, Group Learning and Development, Danone (Paris, France), and, *Chantal Fleuret, GEL Partner (Valbonne, France)

A Guide to Action Learning Certifications, Qualifications, and Endorsements
*Christine Abbott, Institute of Leadership and Management, Centre for Action Learning Facilitation (London, UK)

My Lessons Learned from a Business Driven Action Learning Cross-Company Business Consortium

*Stefan Bauer, Global Consultant, Global Leadership Development, Talent Management Center of Excellence, Eli Lilly and Company (Germany)


Departure for the "Walserhuus" restaurant



18:00 - 19:30

Session 10 - In plenary at the restaurant
Wisdom Panel


Panelists share their learning from their experiences, on career and life-changing transitions

*Paolo Gallo, Senior Director, Human Resources, World Economic Forum (Geneva, Switzerland)

Can We Pause, Reset and Start Again with Our Lives and Careers? My Journey

*Stephen Mercer, formerly with Boeing and Genera Electric (San Francisco, USA)

*Nina Nijs, Global HRM, Power Conversion, General Electric Energy Management (Paris, France)

*Verna Willis, Professor Emerita, Georgia State University (Buffalo, USA)
Recollections of Doing Action Learning with Reg Revans, the Founder of Action Learning




Day 3 - Thursday, 12 June, 2014




Early Bird Session

*Gerhard Meier, Daimler Corporate Academy (Stuttgart, Germany)

Interactive session on Daimler's profiling study started recently to find out what themes, subjects, formats and methods are suitable in development activities for executives in the future.

08:00 - 09:00

Session 11 - In Plenary
New and Innovative Contributions to Management Education and Executive Development in Austria, Germany and Switzerland


Participants select 2 presentation topics.


*Bernhard Hauser, Bernhard Hauser Consulting Group (BHCG) and Professor, the University of Applied Management Science (Erding, Germany)
The 100 Days Business Coaching Program
This program has been created and designed for managers of a leading German automotive company, earmarked for executive positions in the future. The program was launched in 2011 and is considered to be a landmark for executive development in the company.

*Wolfgang Braun, Managing Director, Kompetenzhaus, former Dean of Daimler University, Board member of META Group (Tubingen, Germany and Burgundy, France)

Action Learning in a Crisis Situation: Is It Still Action Learning?

*Otmar Donnenberg, Managing Director, Action Learning Consultants (Weil am Rhein, Germany)
Inquiry into the Basic Beliefs Underlying Current Business Practices  in Cooperating with Civil Society Networks
We shall raise questions about the “economy of the common good” (see www.gemeinwohl-oekonomie.org, in various languages) and look at the example of Triodosbank (NL/B/E/GB/D).

   Discussant: *Barbara Gutmann, Director, Volkswagen Akademie, VW (Wolfsburg, Germany)

09:00 - 10:00

Session 12 - Galleria Walk
Sustaining Innovation and Business Transformation, Behavioural Change, and Learning Initiatives


 Participants select 2 presentation topics.

*Geert Egger, Director, Action Lab and *Lotte Svalgaard, Action Lab and Associate Professor, Roskilde University (Copenhagen and Roskilde, Denmark)

How to Transform Managers' Reflection-on-Action into Reflection-in-Action

*Helene O'Connor, Global Executive Leadership Development, Motorola Solutions (Basingstoke, UK), and *Maarten Asser, Partner, Culture Learning Group (Cambridge, USA)

The CEO Leadership Forum (CLF): Driving growth through executive development
CLF is a multi-faceted, executive development framework targeted to high potential senior executives and is focused on sustaining the continuous growth of individuals, teams, and the business. This session will look at how CLF’s early successes and lessons learned are enabling Motorola Solutions to transform.

*Nina Nijs, Global HRM, Power Conversion 
GE Energy Management (Paris, France)
GE’s New Fast Forward Project Methodology

*Danica Purg, Professor, Dean and President, IEDC-Bled School of Management (Bled, Slovenia)

Creativity and Innovation: The Arts and Executive Leadership

Experiences in integrating the arts into management and leadership education. The inspiration for this is a deep seated belief that the arts inspire us, as Edgar Schein has said, "to hear more, see more, feel more". We will take a closer look at different artistic professions--violinist, orchestra conductor, and visual artists--and the lessons we can learn from them.


*Amer Ahmed, President, Allianz Reinsurance (Munich, Germany)
*Andreas Fritz, President Asia Pacific, Seco Tools, (Pune, India)
*Tony van Kralingen, Member of the Executive Committee, Director: Supply Chain & Human Resources, SABMiller (London, U.K.)

10:00 - 10:30Break
10:30 - 11:30

Session 13 - Galleria Walk
The “New New” Things? Do “Virtual” Collaboration, “The Cloud” and Social Media Really Work for Business?
And What Are the Implications for Executive Development and Management Learning?


Participants select 2 presentation topics.


*Drew Boyd, Professor of Marketing and Innovation, Carl H. Lindner College of Business,  University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, USA)

Listen, Join, and Shape: Three Social Media Skills Executives Must Have

*Andreas Fritz, President Asia Pacific, Seco Tools, (Pune, India) and *Per Norell, Vice President HR, Seco Tools (Vastmanland County, Sweden)

How Audio Action Learning is Being Used in an International Business

*Moira McLaughlin, mclaughlin associates, and Executive Member of the International Foundation for Action Learning (London, UK)
Experiences with Facilitating “Audio Action Learning”

*Reimar Paschke, Program Lead, Siemens Leadership Excellence, Siemens (Munich, Germany)
The Use of Social Media at Siemens

11:30 - 12:30

Session 14 - Galleria Walk
Innovations in Cross-Company and Cross-Organizational Learning  & Development Collaborations



Participants select 2 presentation topics.


*Frank Welvaert, Frank Managing Director of the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust (Brussels, Belgium) and *Paul Culleton, Managing Director Culleton & Culleton, and GEL Associate (London, UK)

Unlikely Alliances: When Resilience and Vision Colllide to Great Effect

In 2011, a thought leader forum was established by Rutgers University in New Jersey (USA), the Academy of Business in Society (ABIS) in Belgium and the Corporate Citizenship Trust of Johnson & Johnson. The aim was to find ways to collaborate, to rethink the role of health in society. Delegates representing the public health sector, industry, NGO's, and Academia came together and a common vision evolved defining a "world in which people, communities and societies manage health as an asset." We would like to share our story of how different actors discovered ways to work together and are actively engaged in activities and projects that transcend their regular modus operandi. A strategy extending out beyond 2020 is being crafted and this reflects a bold approach to change in defining "health as an asset."


*Michellana Jester, Director and Lecturer, MIT Sloan Action Learning Program, MIT Sloan School of Management (Cambridge, USA)

Transformational learning to transform business practice: Why action learning works in management education and why it matters.

The shift in US business schools from a practice focus is often traced to reports produced by the Ford and Carnegie foundations (1959) which criticized business schools as “provincial and parochial”. In response, US business schools moved to advance their legitimacy by increasing their emphasis on rigor and theory by hiring faculty from the arts and sciences. While this shift was seen as constructive, there remained a concern that management education had become too disconnected from real world practice. Since the 1990s, US business schools have sought to narrow this gap by integrating some experiential learning components into their curriculum. Most US business schools- an an increasing number of international business schools- have adopted action learning as the key method for instructing students on how to mange within a dynamic business environment.  In this presentation I will discuss how action learning- in a variety of manifestations- is being taken up in business schools and why, despite the constraints an academic institution places on fully enacting “classical action learning”, the work MBA students are taking up in the name of action learning is important, has significant business and social impact, and what it means for current businesses engaged in more traditional forms of action learning. 

*Reimar Paschke, Program Lead, Siemens Leadership Excellence, Siemens (Munich, Germany)

The Maersk-Siemens Collaborative Learning Experience

As part of a larger initiative to shift the leadership culture across the Maersk businesses, Maersk sought to become more open to external perspectives on business strategy and markets. A consortia program with Siemens, a similarly structured but non-competing conglomerate, gave the opportunity to hear from another company in other industrial sectors. The programme took place in China, including visits to each members’ facilities and to state-owned, private and family Chinese enterprises as well including cultural elements. The impact on the participants was beyond expectation but received pushback from the organization, raising questions about when to use such interventions.


12:30 - 13:30Lunch
13:30 - 14:30

Session 15 - Galleria Walk
New Directions in Talent Management: How Best to Select, Prepare, and Develop Global Leaders


 Participants select 2 presentation topics.


*Tony Awcock, Principal, Arthur Quinn Ltd. (Zurich, Switzerland)

Appreciative Leadership: How the energy of the "positive core" can drive a different style of leadership.

*Irene Bruggeman, Senior Consultant, Group Executive Pool, Allianz RE (Munich, Germany)

Building a Strong CEO Pipeline: Lessons Learned

The Group Executive Pool (GEP) function was created three years ago, to support the Group's Chairman and the Holding Board, to strengthen the Group's internal top talent. Its focus is on the top 300 executives from among 148,000 employees worldwide. In 2013, for the first time, all newly appointed CEOs in the Group came from within the organization.

*Dan Norenberg, Senior Partner & Executive Coach, N Vision Learning Solutions (Munich, Germany)

Synthetic vs. Organic Executive Development Tools – “Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going”---360º (multi-rater) feedback, engagement surveys and performance management have been widely embraced in the  Executive  Development process.  Are these tools really effective, and if not, how can these synthetic tools be transformed with an organic orientation?

*Amer Ahmed, President, Allianz Reinsurance (Munich, Germany)
*Andreas Fritz, President Asia Pacific, Seco Tools, (Pune, India)
*Tony van Kralingen, Member of the Executive Committee, Director: Supply Chain & Human Resources, SABMiller (London, UK)

 14:30 - 15:30

 Session 16 - In Plenary
What’s New in Assessment, Selection, Coaching, and Mentoring?



*Matthias Bellmann, formerly Managing Director, Siemens Management Learning, member of the Management Board of Karstadt, Advisor to Boards (Munich, Germany)
How to Discover “Undiscovered” Talent?

*Francois Beauregard, President, Pyxis Technologies (Laval, Canada) and *Charles Brassard, Managing Director, Impact Coaching (Ottawa, Canada)
Vertical coaching: Growing consciousness for long term excellent performance

*Paolo Gallo, Senior Director, Human Resources, World Economic Forum (Geneva, Switzerland)

"Eaten By the Locals: How to Avoid Organizational  Cannibalism",  the subject of his upcoming book of the same title.

*Amer Ahmed, President, Allianz Reinsurance (Munich, Germany)
*Andreas Fritz, President Asia Pacific, Seco Tools, (Pune, India)
*Tony van Kralingen, Member of the Executive Committee, Director: Supply Chain & Human Resources, SABMiller (London, UK)

15:30 - 15:45


15:45 - 17:30Session 17 - In Plenary
Innovation Workshop


*Drew Boyd, Professor of Marketing and Innovation, Carl H. Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati, formerly, Johnson & Johnson (Cincinnati, USA)
Co-author of the recent best-seller, “Inside the Box: A Proven System of Creativity for Breakthrough Results”, Drew will show us how to innovate on demand using a structured process and new way of thinking—not “out-of’-the-box” and the traditional but largely inefficient “brain storming” approach—but “inside the box”. This method is being adopted by companies and organizations throughout the world.


Presentation: The 2015 Global Forum: Location and dates for the 20th anniversary of our community-of-practice


Departure for dinner at the "Schatzalp" restaurant

Special evening of Swiss music and culture



Day 4 - Friday, 13 June , 2013

08:00 - 10:00Session 18 - In Plenary and Small Groups
Action Learning in Practice
 What Are Action Learning Sets and How Do They Work?
Facilitated by Christine Abbott, Institute of Leadership and Management, Centre for Action Learning Facilitation  (London, UK)
10:00 - 10:15Break
10:15 - 11:15

Session 19 - In Plenary
Wisdom Panel (2)
Panelists share their learning from their experiences, on career and life-changing transitions


*Pia Anderberg, Executive Committee Member, Axel Johnson  and co-owner and Board member, Samsari (Stockholm, Sweden)


*Matthias Bellman, formerly Managing Director, Siemens Management Learning, member of the Management Board of Karstadt, Advisor to Boards (Munich, Germany)


*Ian Hall, Glentruim Change Agents  (UK)

"How do we utilise the wisdom and talents of our senior leaders who don't want to necessarily work full-time and are still totally bright-eyed, bushy tailed and compus mentis" Whereas in the past we thought about retirement at 60/65, we are now facing a situation where for many people they will be ready for full retirement at 75. How do we utilise the extra 10years? I would like to explore what type of projects would suit this type of person and would really add value to organisations.


*Grazyna Lesniak-Lebkowska, Professor, Warsaw School of Economics (Warsaw, Poland)

Sharing reflections on Poland's and my personal transition.



Session 20 - In Plenary
New Company Initiatives and Directions



*Annika Haakers, Head of People Development, Nobia and *Christian Larsson, CEO, Samsari (Stockholm, Sweden)

Driving the Transformation Strategy Through Leadership Development

*Gabriele Rappensperger, Managing Director, Head of Human Resources, Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG, and *Bernhard Hauser, BHCG and Professor, University of Applied Management Science (Munich, Germany)

Leadership Under Conditions of Radical Change

Pfandbriefbank (pbb) is the legal successor of HypoRealEstate, the tiny German bank which in 2008 endangered the world's financial system. Put under government supervision, the bank experienced years of radical change. A Leadership Academy was designed using an Action Learning-based approach, to support managers in their challenging tasks and contribute to establishing a climate of reflective entrepreneurship.

*Quintin Thom, CEO, MaintenanceTV (Geneva, Switzerland)

Changing the Way We Work: Information and Knowledge Sharing for All, Not Just for Managers and Executives

Winner of innovation awards for its software that allows farmers, technicians, maintenance crews, engineers and others immediate access to technical information and knowledge including via social media--as needed and "in the field".


Session 21 - in Plenary
Summary and Retrospectives



13:00 Lunch

Optional Dinner for those staying the night


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