Filippo Martino - Award Lucani Insigni  (2023)

Filippo Martino - Award Lucani Insigni (2023)

The award Lucani Insigni is assigned once a year to personalities born in Basilicata, that can be a role model for the work done in Italy or abroad, in different fields. Relevant for the assignment of the award is also the actual commitment of lucani insigni for a better image of Basilicata, a region south of Rome whose inhabitants are named lucani (for historical reasons).

Among the 2023 nominees, Filippo Martino, founder member of Global Forum , and a Robert L. Dilworth award recipient in 2010.

Main reasons for the award are:

  1. His contribution to enhance the understanding of changes in the international competitive arena through:
    *Managerial assignments in large enterprises --ILVA/Mittal, IRi Management Centre, AERITALIA/Leonardo, ISVOR-FIAT Corporate University;
    * Consulting to International Companies (Ferrero, FIAT, Finsiel, Fincantieri, etc);
    * Action lLarning for executives and high potential managers;
    * Publishing of book and specialized periodicals that have influenced scholars and faculty members as well (Filippo Martino has been a founder member of Bocconi organization design research centre).

2- Current studies/research on sustainable energy production. Issues relevant for the home region Basilicata (first European producer of on-shore oil & gas);
3- 12-year chairmanship of Associazione dei Lucani a Roma and its web communication program that has spread knowledge of history, tradition, present work, and perspectives about the Basilicata region.
The award ceremony took place in the museum of a 124-year old bitter liquor producer

See the award video: [link]


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