We have all experienced the process of justifying our efforts to secure the funds and resources for what we know are critical long-term business investments. What current practices around “value capture” do you currently employ? What works well and what could be done differently?


We hope that you find these questions a stimulating beginning to the conversation. We welcome your comments to these questions, as well as any other comments you have on this topic.

Michellana Jester and Harold Weinstein will monitor our discussion and develop a process for moving forward.

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  • Wolfgang Braun
    posted by Wolfgang Braun Friday, 12 May 2017 09:52 Comment Link

    Value in Executive Learning is as actual as it ever was! - as Head of Daimler Corp. University with the CFO as my boss, I had to find the formula to evaluate the ROI of Leadership investments fighting for my budgets. At the end I succeded with the budgets with very challenging business targets - which I met in travel savings (Intro of Distant Learning with MIT) and more internal business cases supported by our executives (this was the action learning piece - published in Yurys first book on Businenss Driven Action Learning) - new collaboration with business schools.
    Coming from the IT function, that was the same issue to proof that IT adds value to the business. My latest research findings in IT are based on Chandlers theory, you can only manage what you measure and Controlling is not strong in HR and IT. I have presented my formula on HR Value (derived from Prof. Ulrichs book - HR Value Proposition and my research in measuring IT Value in business) in Davos - the interest rate for Finance fundamentals at the Global Forum was expectedly low, equally like my experiences in evaluating the Value of HR in my M&A practise (which puts a price tag on leaders for their performance). If you want my Davos presentation - or the latest expiriences with Digital Business Transformation I am more than happy to support you. Good luck Wolfgang

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