2018 Theme: Society, Business, and Leadership Transformations in Action


Where and Why?

The 23rd annual 2018 annual Global Forum will take place in the world renowned high tech city of Bengaluru (Bangalore), India often referred to as “The Silicon Valley of Asia”. Having for some years now experienced first-hand the dynamic business Asian environment and the new India with its aspirations and achievements, we thought it an ideal place as a venue to learn and share more about how societies,  companies, organizations and leaders have transformed themselves to make strategic change viable and inspiring. Hence, the 2018 theme addresses technological, geopolitical, organizational and leadership transformations in action.


Who Will Be Participating?

The Global Forum participants are from around the world representing multinational companies, as well as academic institutions, public and civil sector organizations. Experiences from the so-called “emerging economies” will be highlighted, including those from Brazil, China, the Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia.The program will include presenters from leading Indian companies such as Tata and Wipro. Attendance is by-invitation-only restricted to no more than 100 to ensure greater interaction. All participants pay their own way, accomodation and registration because the Global Forum is a not-for-proft global community of practice.


What is in the Program?

Our three-day annual meeting will focus as usual on first-hand accounts of Leader and Business/Government/Civic Sector Transformations.

Among the topics covered will be an examination of :

  • "the big picture": technological, geopolitical, and demographic changes and developments affecting organizational strategies, learning and leadership development agendas
  • industries, as well as organizations and leaders that have transformed or are in the process of transforming themselves
  • how businesses are contributing to social goals such as education, job creation and are inspiring hope in those less fortunate.

The program will also include meetings with companies, NGO’s, scientific, technology and learning institutions that are leading the transformation of India and the region.
Meetings with leaders spearheading this change, and cultural experiences that deepen our understanding of this region will also be on the program.

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