Partner's Program 2017

 Sunday, June 11, 14:00 - 17:00 | Lobby - Hotel Bristol

Communism Tour


We will pick you up from the hotel in our original socialist-style van of historical value, i.e. a Nysa 522. We will take you for a unique trip through the legacy of the Polish socialism. Not only will we see the places connected with it, but we will experience them as well.
We will start with the first square ever to be built especially for the working people, i.e. Constitution Square (Plac Konstytucji). Here you will feel how the propaganda worked in the socialist era. Next we will go towards the seat of the Ministry of Agriculture, where you will have a chance to get to know the utopian plans of the post-war city reconstruction. Our next stop will be the Palace of Culture and Science – a gift from “Uncle” Stalin will reveal its secrets to you.
We will not miss the very heart of socialism, i.e. the old seat of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers' Party (in Polish: “Dom Partii” – “The Party's House”). Next stop is in Praga district, where we see the typical housing estate with the longest building in Warsaw.
At the end we will visit the Museum of Life under Communism. Here you will experience a small apartment furnished in socialist style, a communist party member’s office, a shop, a bar and a street from the era. You will see how people used to live and watch propaganda movies of the 1950s. We also kindly invite you for a typical aperitif. In the end of the tour we drop off guests back at the hotel.


'Life Under Communism Museum: This museum in the Praga quarter offers a glimpse of the absurdities of life in communist times.'
National Georgraphic Traveller [Link: Museum Website: Museum Website]

Duration: 3 hours
Costs: 149 pln / app. 35 € per person

 Life under Communism Museum


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Opening Reception at the Hotel Bristol at 18:00




Monday, June 12, 10:00 - 17:00 | Lobby - Hotel Bristol

Warsaw City Tour

City Center - Royal Route- Old Town- Wilanow (Transportation by bus)


We go for a walk to discover the traditional face of Warsaw. Tour starts in Piłsudski Square. This very symbolic place is a great background to introduce history of Warsaw. We see the Tomb of Unknown soldier and continue towards the Royal Route and Presidential Palace. Royal Route is one of the best known and most prestigious streets of Poland's capital, surrounded by historic palaces, churches and manor-houses.
On the way we see Adam Mickiewicz Monument, St Anna Church and we get to the Castle Square. Here we can admire an amazing view and we get to know stories about the Sigismund Column. It's the oldest and tallest non-church monument in Warsaw was raised in 1644 by King Władysław IV, in honour of his father Zygmunt III Waza, who in 1596 moved the capital from Kraków to Warsaw. The Royal Castle was built in the 15th century, this castle served as residence of Mazovian princes. Once the capital was moved to Warsaw from Kraków, the castle served as seat of the king and the government. The castle has been renovated repeatedly and destroyed completely during World War II.
Another step is the Old Town. Historic centre and oldest part of the city, it is also a living, breathing cultural salon. Founded in the 13th century as the prince's castle, it is surrounded by walls. During World War II, 90% of it was destroyed, but thanks to its excellent restoration and recovery, in 1980 it was granted the status of a UNESCO World Heritage List. Currently, it is a lively place, bustling with tourists and locals, and full of galleries, cafés and restaurant
In Old Town Square you will hear legends of Mermaid and see the historical heart of Warsaw. Another step is Gnojna Góra-viewing point of the Praga and the river.
We continue the walk to Barbican. We will pass a house where Marie Cuire was born. We finish in the Krasiński Square with a Monument of Warsaw Uprising.
Next we drive through historical Squares: Teatralny, Bankowy and we had to the green Powiśle area. modern and green Warsaw in Powiśle area. Here you can see the best of modern architecture: Copernicus Center of Science, Świętokrzyski Bridge and Warsaw University Library- here we go on the roof garden to have an amazing view of Warsaw.
Next part is visit to Łazienki Royal Park. Originally designed in the 17th century as a baths park for nobleman Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski, in the 18th century Łazienki was transformed by Poland's King Stanisław August into a setting for palaces, villas, classicist follies, and monuments.
Last but not least, we go to Wilanów Palace and Park. Here we visit the Palace inside and discover the pearl of Baroque in Poland. The last part is a visit in the Uprising Museum. After the guided tour in the museum we drop off our guests back to hotel.

Duration: 7 hours
Costs: 350 pln / app. 83 € per person

 lazienki s palace


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Reception / Dinner June 12, 19:00

Hotel Bristol


*Aleksander Tomaszkiewicz (Violincello) and *Oliwia Grabowska (Piano) (Basel, Switzerland)


Costs: 270 PLN / app. 65 € (incl. drinks) per person


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Tuesday, June 13, 10:00 | Lobby - Hotel Bristol

Local cuisine workshops

This part of activity will help people master culinary skills and familiarize with local cuisines in fun and casual atmosphere. This is also an easy going time where everyone can try polish food and beer/ coffee with dessert. There is no competition but a moment to get some rest and integrate with others.


  • Introduction, snacks and explanation– chef welcomes the participants by the table of appetizers and describe our polish cuisine . Beer / wine / coffee / tea available for guests.
  • Cooking dumplings– participants start preparing duplings. Chef is giving them cooking tips and making sure they don't diverge from the proper recipe. Also entertains them with cooking tips or trivia regarding a chosen cuisine.
  • Finalizing and eating dishes – common dinner, consisting of dish prepared, followed by a dessert.
  • Relax –No rush and a while for a free time.
  • Guests will have a choice of 2 drinks: beer/ wine /coffee / tea/ juices / softs /water during the activity.

Duration: app. 3 hours
Costs: 420 pln / app. 100 € per person




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Reception / Dinner June 13, 18:30

Restauracja Delicja Polska (award-winning restaurant within walking distance from the Hotel Bristol)

Costs: 235 PLN / app. 56 € (incl. drinks) per person



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Wednesday, June 14, 10:00 | Lobby - Hotel Bristol

A morning guided tour of the Soviet-era Palace of Culture and Science, known as the "wedding cake" and a gift from Stalin to the people of Warsaw, culminating with a panoramic view of Warsaw from the observation platform. This will be followed by a visit to the Museum of the History of Polish Jews (with audio-guides).

[Link: Museum Website]

Duration: app. 3 hours
Costs: 140 pln / app. 34 € per person
 Museum of the History of Polish Jews


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Reception / Dinner June 14, 19:00

Restauracja Der Elefant

Costs: 270 PLN / app. 65 € (incl. drinks) per person

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