Partner's Program - 2017

 Sunday, June 11, 02:00 pm | Lobby - Hotel Bristol

The ‘Back to Communism Times’ --an interactive and fun experience

This activity will take place in the Praga district of Warsaw with people divided in teams, each team having the objective of gathering products difficult to find in Commnist times. Tasks will involve discovering hidden places and meeting actors on the way who will be creating a Communit-era atmosphere. In the end, everyone will meet at the final destination, Museum of Life Under Communism, where each group's completion of tasks will be verified and the winning team chosen. Unlike the rest of Warsaw, the Praga district remained relatively untouched during World War II and the post-war era of reconstruction.


'Life Under Communism Museum: This museum in the Praga quarter offers a glimpse of the absurdities of life in communist times.'
National Georgraphic Traveller [Link: Museum Website: Museum Website]

Costs: TBD

 Life under Communism Museum




Monday, June 12, 10:00 am | Lobby - Hotel Bristol

The ‘Sightseeing Tour of Warsaw’, the Royal Route, Wilanow Park and Palace (the "Polish Versailles"), the Royal Lazienki Park, the Praga district,  and Warsaw Old Town with lunch to be arranged (with 2 choices),  culminating with a visit to the Warsaw Uprising Museum (with audio-guides), one of the most visited venues in Warsaw with a 1940's style cafe.

 [Link: Museum Website]

Costs: TBD

 Uprising Museum




Tuesday, June 13, 10:00 am | Lobby - Hotel Bristol

A Polish traditional cuisine cooking/tasting class, with an optional guided vodka tasting experience

Learn the art and craft of Polish cuisine with this informative and entertaining Polish cooking class. Cook two or three classic Polish dishes and learn about the history of Polish cuisine as you're cooking. Sip on complimentary drinks and then eat what you have created and cooked. 

Costs: TBD






Wednesday, June 14, 10:00 am | Lobby - Hotel Bristol

A morning guided tour of the Soviet-era Palace of Culture and Science, known as the "wedding cake" and a gift from Stalin to the people of Warsaw, culminating with a panoramic view of Warsaw from the observation platform. This will be followed by a visit to the Museum of the History of Polish Jews (with audio-guides).

[Link: Museum Website]

Costs: TBD
 Museum of the History of Polish Jews