Action Learning in Health, Social and Community Care: Principles, Practice, Resources, by John Edmonstone (UK)

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Health, social and community care organizations all face major current and future challenges, including devising new models of care, enhancing quality and managing cost, all whilst in the public spotlight. Meeting those challenges means successful partnering between professionals and organizations and even the integration of existing services, and involves people working increasingly across professional and organizational boundaries and in new or changed roles. All this brings new uncertainties and anxieties – but also new opportunities.
Action learning is one of the most widely-used development methods suitable for addressing these challenges, because it fosters connections across those organizational and professional boundaries and provides space to reflect, question and act – and thereby to learn new and creative ways forward. This new book is the most essential, up-to-date and comprehensive resource available for senior managers and professionals in the UK considering using action learning for leadership, management and organization development purposes; for organization and management development practitioners and action learning facilitators; for medical and health care educators and their counterparts in social and community care. The book is also internationally relevant and applicable.  

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