Why Poland and Why Warsaw?

poland eaglePoland has always been known for its highly sophisticated artistic and innovative culture, its talented and courageous leaders, dynamic business environment, and internationally acclaimed scientific achievements. It is also at the heart of the Central region of Eastern Europe, with the most populous and most entrepreneurial country in this area.
As an example, it has recently been called the "marketing capital of Europe" and has many "start-ups" as well. But is also has a tragic history that saw all the modern "isms" and violent manifestations of our time played out on its territory on a devastating scale.
Most recenly, it has transformed itself once again in yet another "experiment" of the twentieth century -- emerging from a centrally planned economy run by the Communist Party to one of the most successful free market and democratic states to emerge in recent history.  And some would say that this transformation is still under way.

This is why we have a lot to learn from Poland, and why its capital, Warsaw, has been chosen as the location for our 22nd annual Global Forum with the appropriate 2017 theme: "Societies and Organizations, Leadership and Learning in Transition".

warsaw oldtown

Many countries worldwide are undergoing political, economic, societal and technological transitions, as is the world of business. Where is all this leading and can we not only adapt to the new conditions but can we also stay ahead of them and shape them to create a positive global environment -- fit for people and fit for purpose?

We shall be discussing these worldwide transitions and sharing good demonstrated practices that focus on strategic changes and their impact on companies, organizations, leadership and learning.